GCA Provides High Quality Education Services

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Gender and Child Advancement International Ltd (GCA) provides high quality education services to a wide range of clients in the state and private sector, as well as corporate bodies that manage education. With members who have over 10 years experience inspecting and reviewing schools and Early Years settings, and a team of over 50 trainers and consultants, GCA International specialises in raising the standard of education delivery, to ensure educators meet the needs of children with different learning abilities.

GCA education services is aimed at working directly with all stakeholders, in particular: headteachers, school staff, parents, governors/trustees, voluntary agencies and teacher training organizations. GCA aims to ensure that all children are provided with high quality education that enables pupils to fulfill their potential by removing barriers to learning, with a focus on the classroom and teaching, staff support as well as staff personal vision and values, and how this is integrated into the school environment.

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