Know exactly what to do to make children more confident and responsible by introducing a pastoral care curriculum in your school.
Gain the same clarity about pastoral care as with the academic model: a structured, effective approach.

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Have your school pass the Ofsted inspection with great results.
A GCA review with Ofsted trained inspectors helps to prepare adequately for national or international inspections and accreditation.

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GCA participates in and delivers workshops and conferences both in the UK and Africa.

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GCA is an Education Solutions Company that provides High Quality Education Services in the UK and Internationally

Gender and Child Advancement International Ltd (GCA) is an education solutions company that provides high quality bespoke education services in the UK and internationally to a wide range of clients in the state, private and voluntary sector, as well as corporate bodies that manage education.

With members who have over 10 years experience inspecting and reviewing schools and Early Years settings, and a team of over 50 trainers and consultants, GCA International specialises in raising the standard of education delivery, to ensure educators meet the needs of children with different learning abilities.

GCA education services is aimed at working directly with all stakeholders, in particular: headteachers, school staff, parents, governors/trustees, voluntary agencies and teacher training organizations.

GCA aims to ensure that all children are provided with high quality education that enables pupils to fulfill their potential by removing barriers to learning, with a focus on the classroom and teaching.

GCA’s international focus is Africa and we are currently working in Kenya and Nigeria. GCA is promoting the teaching of human rights and the safeguarding and protection of children in schools. To ensure that school leaders and staff in private and international schools in Africa know and understand how to meet international standards of safeguarding and child protection, GCA urges schools to do a comprehensive on-line international safeguarding training and testing provided by SAFE (a reputed organisation focused on international safeguarding standards) that offers individual staff safeguarding and child protection accreditation.

GCA also prepares international schools in Africa for accreditation by supporting them to meet the British Schools Overseas: Standards for Schools. Working in partnership with a reputable company in the UK, GCA offers online international safeguarding and child protection training and certification.  GCA is currently working in East Africa and West Africa. With a strong commitment to school improvement based on in-depth reviews of a school’s current position, GCA education services are excellent value for money.

GCA has created new and innovative school improvement products and services which it is launching at conferences across  the UK and Africa. You can see a list of our specialised products and services if you follow this link GCA Services and Packages

In 2015-2016, GCA will be introducing a pastoral care curriculum into 10-20 schools in the UK and Africa.  This is the first of its kind and is based on in-depth research on how children make sustained progress. This complete curriculum includes planned progression and assessment, long/medium/short term plans and a bank of resources with strategies for generating appropriate resources from nursery to sixth form. Click here to read more about GCA’s work on pastoral care.