GCA is proud of its achievements and we know that our systems and procedures are focused strongly on ensuring we deliver the best education services to schools (click here to see us in action).

Our education services are completely bespoke and tailored to meet your individual needs. We acknowledge that your needs are unique so we do not apply a one-size-fits-all. We offer a GCA Review which enables us to recommend a programme that is best suited to your needs. The cost of a GCA Review varies depending on requirements and the size of your school so why not contact us for a free initial consultation? Click here to contact us.

You can choose the mode for your 1 hour free consultation by making sure you tick one of the following on the ‘Contact Us’ page:

  • A face to face
  • A Skype meeting
  • A call
  • An email

When you work with GCA you have the benefit of working closely with experienced professionals with qualifications matched exceptionally well to the various aspects of school improvement, education management and education leadership in schools  (Click here to meet our partners). In addition, all GCA Directors (click here to meet the GCA team) are education professionals as well and deliver specific aspects of GCA specialisations (click here to read more).


GCA offers:

  • Whole School Training
  • Department and or Middle Leader Training
  • 1:1 intense teacher support

when you need it most and works with you collaboratively to make the best use of the funding and time set aside for high quality training and continuous professional development. Sharing this huge responsibility with you in a planned, systematic way helps you to identify your strengths and weaknesses quickly and to work effectively with the highest efficiency to eliminate them. GCA never stops adding value to you.

GCA can help you to

  • understand the requirements of the new British curriculum and its links to assessment
  • ensure that assessment principles are understood and implemented well
  • improve the quality of teaching
  • achieve excellent classroom management skills that improve attitudes to learning
  • improve the gathering of information and use of assessment in the Early Years Foundation Stage
  • challenge more able children and increase their rates of progress
  • teach children with Special Education Needs particularly those on the autistic spectrum
  • teach children who speak English as an additional language
  • teach all children eligible for additional funding such as children on Free School Meals
  • improve the way you engage and involve parents
  • establish the best governing body/directors that can challenge and support the school
  • learn more effective ways of involving children in their own progress
  • identify schools both within and outside the UK for the sharing of good practice

You might also want to look at stand alone GCA specialised education services.

Strict confidentiality is guaranteed when you work with GCA. Your privacy is very important to us and details about your organisation will never be shared or passed on to any third party under any circumstance (except where required by law) without your written permission.