GCA working in partnership with SAFE provides high quality international safeguarding course and certificates for staff in schools and organisations that have sustained unsupervised contact with children.

This course is a must for all individuals who work across the globe, especially in countries where high quality safeguarding training is difficult to access. It is especially relevant for private and/or international schools and government schools that wish to meet international standards.

This course aims to promote the best possible, and universally accepted, working practices and covers:

  • How to find the legislation, guidance and agency referral routes of the relevant country
  • The recognition of child abuse and how to identify safeguarding issues
  • How to respond to concerns appropriately
  • Who to contact when there is a concern
  • Fulfilling “duty of care”
  • Safer working practices and keeping children safe

Individual certificates are provided upon successful completion of SAFE online training courses. Certificates can be downloaded and printed at any time and remain valid for two years. Training can also be easily tracked by the organisation, making staff records and certificates easy to maintain.

If you are a school in Africa, you can benefit from our very low rates for this course of £39 registration and £11.50/staff member. Click here to register.  

After the registration and payment we will contact you with details of how you can log on to the SAFE course and get the training for your staff.