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The Lagos Preparatory School

The Lagos Preparatory School


About Lagos Preparatory School (LPS)

Lagos Preparatory School is a private, international, co-educational, day school situated in the leafy area of the island of Lagos. Pupils and staff come from a range of Asian, White and Black backgrounds giving the school a true international aura. The school caters for pupils from Kindergarten to Key Stage 3 (2-14 year olds) and follows the British curriculum in almost all subjects.

LPS is the first British international school in Africa to meet the required standards for British Schools Overseas (BSO) set by the Department for Education (DfE) in the UK (London). The school has undergone a full inspection (is Ofsted accredited) by the Inspectorate of School Inspections (ISI). In addition, the school is a member of the Independent Association of Prep Schools (UK) and the Council of British Independent Schools (CoBIS).


Prior to the review, the headteacher and the Deputy Headteacher communicated their wish to check the preparedness of the school for its next inspection. Consequently, the aim of GCA’s review was to measure how well LPS was moving towards identified aspects of the BSO standards and preparing its pupils to continue their education in UK schools.


What GCA did

A GCA reviewer worked in the school for a full working day November, 2014 to scrutinise:

  • the school’s information on its pupils particularly attendance and progress data
  • its data on children in the early years and the opportunities for children to meet their early learning goals
  • quality of teaching and the use of assessment for planning next steps of learning
  • SENCO’s procedures and processes around identification and provision for pupils with SEN and their inclusion

At the end of the school day, the establishment was given detailed feedback.


Benefits of the GCA review

Since the review:

  • LPS became clearer about its strengths and weaknesses. They chose to re-structure which led to rapid improvement in teaching and learning.
  • LPS has drawn up a realistic and aspirational action plan to meet its priorities.
  • GCA has continued to support and work with LPS providing excellent services and advice for the leadership.
  • The school introduced better ways of gathering data for formative assessments and staff are beginning to use data more confidently to study the pattern of progress of pupils.
  • Marking for progress has improved.
  • Procedures for safeguarding pupils have been introduced.

GCA will be carrying out a full review of LPS next year to check progress towards goals.